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Yost Appliance Inc. Recommends Top Four Electrical Contractors in Santa Barbara

By Burt Yost Appliance Repairman on Apr 04, 2012 at 03:18 PM in Santa Barbara Appliance Repair

Yost Appliance Inc. Recommends Four Top Electrical Contractors in Santa Barbara

As the oldest appliance service company in the Santa Barbara, Goleta, Carpinteria and surrounding areas, Yost Appliance Inc. continues to provide same day repair and maintenance on refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, ranges, ovens, dishwashers and garbage disposals.

With a view to offering his clients maximum benefit across a broad spectrum of service delivery, Burt Yost has compiled a list of four electrical companies whose customer service and expertise provide the same quality and efficiency that have become hallmarks of Yost Appliance Inc. Burt knows how important it is to be able to place one’s trust in a reputable and dependable team of electrical contractors. Murphy Electric Maintenance Company, Daniel’s Electric, CEC Electrical Service and Howe Electric were selected for their quality workmanship, high levels of service, affordability, and integrity.

Top Four Electrical Contractors in Santa Barbara

Murphy Electric Maintenance Company

Top Four Electrical Contractors in Santa Barbara Murphy Electric Maintenance Company - Top Four Electrical Contractors in Santa Barbara

Murphy Electric Maintenance Company is the Santa Barbara business community’s contractor of choice for electrical and lighting needs. Locally owned, the company has been operating since 1958, and has a proven track record of dependable, first rate service. No job is too big or too small for these California State Certified electricians. Among the many services that Murphy Electric Maintenance Company offers, the following show the company’s wide range of capabilities including complete electrical service, commercial and residential service maintenance, trouble shooting, service and panel upgrades, florescent and parking lot lighting upgrades, exterior lighting and building mount fixtures. Tel. 805-965-0313

Daniel’s Electric

Top Four Electrical Contractors in Santa Barbara Daniel's Electric - Top Four Electrical Contractors in Santa Barbara

Daniel’s Electric is a full service electrical contractor servicing the Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, from Santa Maria to Oxnard. This highly qualified expert team of licensed electricians has been in business since 1984, working with meticulous attention to product and service quality on a number of industrial and commercial projects, including schools. Daniel’s Electric has performed aesthetic enhancements and made improvements to residential remodel projects ranging from straightforward to complex, applying the same professional work ethic to every job. From solar electric systems to high and low voltage, interior and exterior lighting, phone and cable wiring, Daniel’s Electric has an impressive portfolio of projects that endorses the company’s versatility and reputation. Phone: 805-968-8009

Top Four Electrical Contractors in Santa Barbara

CEC Electrical Services

Top Four Electrical Contractors in Santa Barbara CEC Electrical Services - Top Four Electrical Contractors in Santa Barbara

Jason Carlton has been an electrical contractor since 1994. He began by working on homes and remodels, moving on to tract homes and multi-million dollar custom houses. By 1996 he was working on large commercial projects, from grocery stores to high-tech offices. Soon after, he was going out on industrial service calls at large manufacturing plants, renovating compression stations on the William’s natural gas pipeline. This involved motor control in a very hazardous working environment, and demanded acute attention to detail.  In 2000 Jason passed the Oregon journeyman exam and received the Oregon Electrician License while working as a foreman running small commercial and industrial projects, and in 2002 he installed and repaired HVAC control work in University and Veterans' Administration hospitals. When he moved to Santa Barbara, he worked with a local electrical contractor installing theatrical lighting and setting up clean rooms, among a number of other projects. He has also installed solar panels and wiring in a commercial setting.  Since earning his C-10 license as an electrical contractor in 2008, Jason has worked on numerous residential electrical projects, from home rewiring, outdoor lighting, track lighting and ceiling fan installation, to wiring home theaters in high-end homes.  Jason enjoys trouble-shooting for those hard-to-fix problems, whether residential, commercial or industrial, and he will respond promptly to emergency calls. Tel. 805-665-3811; Emergencies 805-637-5340

Howe Electric

Top Four Electrical Contractors in Santa Barbara Howe Electric - Top Four Electrical Contractors in Santa Barbara

Howe Electric was started in 2002 to meet Santa Barbara’s need for detail-focused, service-oriented electrical contractors. At the heart of the company’s philosophy lies the belief that attention to detail is key to customer satisfaction. High standards are integral to establishing and maintaining a reputation that this contractor can be proud of, ensuring that every job done is of the best quality possible. To keep up with ever-changing technologies, Howe Electric places considerable emphasis on training and professional development. The company’s extensive suite of advanced diagnostic tools facilitates the resolution of the most challenging trouble-shooting issues. One of the goals at Howe Electric is to ensure that the client’s remodel project goes as smoothly as possible. The company’s experience in home projects runs from specification through design-build, and Howe Electric is one of Santa Barbara’s forerunners in lighting design. In terms of California’s Title 24, lighting requirements seem to become more stringent every year. Knowledge and experience are key qualities to the success of a client’s project, but Howe Electric takes this a step further, having the creative vision to explore a home’s full potential. In the past several years, power quality has become an issue that affects virtually everyone. With the world becoming ever more tech dependent, poor power quality can be disastrous, and symptoms are not always obvious. Many of the homes and businesses in the Santa Barbara area were built before electrical contractors recognized and understood how to wire for good power quality. Howe Electric’s several flat-rate testing/rectification packages cater to a client’s specific needs, and depending on the specifics, will arrange a custom package. The company offers a highly competitive pricing structure and encourages their customers to compare their prices with other electrical contractors offering similar services. Howe Electric gives sound advice to home and business owners to protect their interests and is happy to share the wealth of expertise gathered over 20 years in the trade.  Tel. 805-896-4421

Yost Appliance Inc., with its proven track record and long-standing customer base that attests to the company’s professional service, wants the very best for its clients. For this reason, these four electrical contractors were chosen above the rest. All four companies have in common the essential quality that rests at the core of Yost Appliance Inc.’s philosophy: a work ethic that inspires confidence and trust.


Jul 29, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply

I just wanted to say thank you. Jason was very professional and made me feel more secure with the electrical aspects of my home.

Jul 30, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply
Cory Tillen

I just moved to Santa Barbara last month, and it's such a pity that I know nobody in the place. But I'm lucky I came across this post, I no longer have to go through the trouble of calling electrical contractors that offer inefficient services.

Jul 31, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply
Tony Lee

"Knowledge and experience are key qualities to the success " I have to agree with that! for sure. I think that the more times you do something the better off you are! and success comes from that all by it`s self.

Aug 02, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply

Very helpful and comprehensive. Since Yost is a very good appliance repair company for me, I am looking forward to its recommendations. I am sure the electrical contractors listed above are very good. Customers always look for quality service after all.

Aug 04, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply

Very good job. It is important to know that you are close to very good electrical contractor / repairers. These days rarely find professional, everyone is good at something, but does nothing by quality.

Aug 13, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply

I have fortunately never needed to hire a good electrical contractor yet (my appliances are new), however there will come a day and I will certainly be keeping Yost Appliances Inc in mind.

Aug 18, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply

I have heard that Yost Appliances have a great reputation for providing decent electrical contractors. This is something to keep in mind for the next time I have an issue with one of my appliances.

Aug 19, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply

Yost Appliances happens to provide a great quality group of contractors. I personally have not used them but have heard excellent things about their work through other sources.

Jan 23, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply

Great review! Thanks for the links to the official websites of each electrical contractors. I'll definitely take a look at them.

Jan 29, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply

I look for contractors that have skilled workers and good attitude. It seems like all the above-mentioned companies pass my standard.

Apr 03, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply

Yost Appliance is able to feature the finest and quality Santa Barbara Contractors Electric Contractors. Specifically, I am impressed with Howe Electric for it is living out a "detailed- focused" and "service- oriented" philosophy for the optimal welfare of its customers. Kudos for the job well done!

Jul 29, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply
John B.

This is very helpful. We should choose the best electrical contractor very well. And we should trust it to the most reputable contractors mentioned above. This is one way to help protect our appliances in danger.

Aug 11, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply

Now, the public can be certain that their electrical needs/ demands will be safely and efficiently done by these reliable Santa Barbara Electrical contractors. Thank you, Yost Applicance Inc. for this valuable and useful resource!

Aug 11, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply

Now, the public can be certain that their electrical needs/ demands will be safely and efficiently done by these reliable Santa Barbara Electrical contractors. Thank you, Yost Applicance Inc. for this valuable and useful resource!

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