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Santa Barbara Appliance Repair Highlights Top 4 Property Management Firms

By Burt Yost Appliance Repairman on Mar 24, 2013 at 04:02 PM in Santa Barbara Appliance Repair

"Santa Barbara appliance repair company understands the importance safe, clean housing for thousands of area residents..."

Yost Appliance is a Santa Barbara appliance store that has been serving the area since 1969. Yost offers everything from small appliance repair service to major fridgerator repair in Santa Barbara. Locally owned and operated, Yost has same day Santa Barbara appliance repair.

Yost Appliance often has customers who are looking for new places to live. These are sometimes sons and daughters of long time Yost customers. They are frequently growing families who need more space, or are simply getting out on their own. Yost Appliance wants to make sure that it's customers and their families have safe and secure housing that is well maintained. That is why Yost Appliance has reviewed Santa Barbara property management firms and is pleased to recognize 4 who stand out.

These are firms who work everyday at keeping their property owners and tenants happy. They keep the properties they manage looking their best and are responsive to residents. They are involved in their communities. If you are looking to rent in this area, these are organizations that deserve your attention. The four firms being recognized by Yost Appliance are Sandpiper Property Management, Wolfe and Associates Property Management, Meridian Group Real Estate Mangement and Cochcrane Property Management Incorporated.

Sandpiper Property Management – Recognized Property Management Firm

Sandpiper is a third generation property management company in our region who handles single family homes, apartments, condos, and commercial, industrial and office buildings. They manage properties in Los Angeles County, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County and San Luis Obispo County.

Sandpiper has proven themselves with decades of quality property management that provides timely response to both property owner and tenant requests. Sandpiper’s ethical reputation, expert advice and customer service earns them a place among the Yost Appliance Recognized Property Management Firms.

Sandpiper Property Management may be contacted by calling 1-805-487-0099. You may also visit their website or view their Facebook page for more information about this respected property management firm.

Wolfe and Associates Property Management – Recognized Property Management Firm

Wolfe and Associates was started by a young Ron Wolfe at the age of 20. His grandmother lent him the money for a four-plex in which he lived and rented. Soon, he was managing nearby properties which included student housing, and maintenance soon became a priority. Ron began to organize his property management team to where it is today with 4 separate divisions that include diverse ethnic and talent experiences.

Wolfe and Associates takes equal pride in managing properties for “mom & pop” operations and those of large investors.

Wolfe and Associates is involved in the communities of which they serve, participating in the UCSB Major Events Committee, The Isla Vista Community Development Corporation, and Isla Vistans for a Better Government.

Service, honesty, integrity and the ability to get the job done are just some of the reasons Yost Appliance has for recognizing Wolfe and Associates Property Management as one of Santa Barbara’s best property management firms.

Wolfe and Associates may be contacted by calling 805-964-6770 or by visiting their website. They also have aFacebook page.

Meridian Group Real Estate Management – Recognized Property Management Firm

Meridian Group Real Estate Management works in partnership with their tenant and investor clients with a commitment to our community. For investors, it means having someone looking after your property with a pride of ownership. For tenants it means a responsiveness to their needs.

Meridian is an Accredited Management Organization of the Institute of Real Estate Management and may be contacted by calling 805-692-2500. You can visit their website that includes rental properties and necessary forms, or learn more by visiting their Facebook pageYost Appliance is pleased to recognize Meridian Group Real Estate Management in Santa Barbara.

Cochrane Property Management Incorporated – Recognized Property Management Firm

Cochrane Property Management Incorporated is a big name for a small, personable company that was started by John and Mary Cochrane in 1990. They have worked diligently in giving Santa Barbara a trustworthy staff that provides a variety of property management services throughout Ventura County. Their website even has a page full of comments from their happy clients.

If you are looking for a rental property, Yost Appliance is pleased to recognize Cochrane Property Management Incorporated. For more information call Cochrane Property Management at 805-965-2887 or visit their website. You’ll also be able to learn more on their Facebook page.

Finding good property management is key in finding a good place to live.

Property management and maintenance requires exceptional abilities and people skills. From knowing where to find stove repair in Santa Barbara, to responding to plumbing leaks in a timely fashion, property managers are on call at all hours. Yost Appliance is pleased to recognize these four firms, in particular, for their skills and service to the community. If you are searching for same-day appliance repair or for Santa Barbara dishwasher repair, we invite you to contact Yost Appliance. If you are searching for a quality property in the Santa Barbara area this list will help you make an informed decision.

Apr 19, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply
Steve Brooks

Now, I just have to agree that appliance repair people and those in property management are somehow connected. I just hope more and more folks here in Vermont and there in Santa Barbara get to realize this fact. Thanks for this informative post!

Apr 19, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply
Steve Brooks

Now, I just have to agree that appliance repair people and those in property management are somehow connected. I just hope more and more folks here in Vermont and there in Santa Barbara get to realize this fact. Thanks for this informative post!

Apr 19, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply
Steve Brooks.

Aww. Sorry about the double post right there.^^ Kindly just delete the second one. I hope to read more of these great post from you! :)

May 28, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply

I truly appreciate Yost appliance's intention of ensuring the customer's utmost and holistic satisfaction. Hence, it created a comprehensive review on Santa Barbara's best Property Management Firms that will help the public attain safe and conducive residential communities. Thank you for imparting this practical guide!

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Thank you Yost Appliance for sharing this valuable and practical information to the public! Certainly, this will serve as a guide for people in choosing the most reliable Santa Barbara property management firm that can ensure the fulfillment of their needs and preference for a conducive and harmonious home.

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John B.

People should choose the good and most reliable Santa Barbara property management firm. Thank you for sharing this guide. This is helpful!

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Personally, I wanted to emphasize the importance of maintaining a safe and clean housing/ real estate. Hence, Yost Appliance Inc. offers to the public the top Santa Barbara Property Management Firms. Thank you for this helpful resource!

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