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Yost Appliance Reviews Top 4 Santa Barbara Realtors

By Burt Yost Appliance Repairman on Feb 08, 2012 at 09:21 PM in Santa Barbara Appliance Repair

Santa Barbara Appliance RepairYost Appliance Inc. has been a premier source of repair services for household appliances in the Santa Barbara area since 1969. They provide same day service to residents of Goleta, Carpintera, and neighboring regions of Santa Barbara, and can repair almost every brand and model of appliance in the industry. Their technicians are well known for their attention to detail, and their dedication to guaranteeing your satisfaction.

When considering buying a home in the Santa Barbara area, your interior home check list should include inspection of the kitchen appliances. Either you or your home inspector should check all the kitchen appliances that come with the house.  

An experienced realtor will advise you to check the age of the appliances. Are they older models, or comparatively modern? Do they seem to be damaged, or are they in a pristine condition? Do you see any scratches on them?

Check to see if the dishwasher is working and whether it is silent while in operation.  Are the dishwasher racks rusted or broken?  Check the condition of its filter. This will give you the idea of the quality of maintenance. 
Is there a microwave oven? Is it built-in or a standalone unit? Ensure that it is in working condition. The garbage disposal, the trash compactor, and the microwave should ideally not be more than 20 years old. These appliances have become so much a part of modern living that they need to be in proper working order always. 

Be a smart buyer.  Check those kitchen appliances and use any deficiencies to your advantage in the negotiation process. 

As an appliance repair man specializing in oven repair, fridgerator repair, laundry machine repair and dishwasher repair, Burt Yost often times makes referrals to realtors. Burt has taken the time to hand-select his top four and favorite Realtors in the Santa Barbara area. After careful consideration, Burt made the final selection of Barbara Reaume, Julie Barnes, Gail Cooley and Daniel Warnars.

Below is an objective review of each of the realtors unique and experience in Santa Barbara Real Estate.

Reviews of Santa Barbara Real Estate Agents

With so many gorgeous real estate options available in the Santa Barbara area, it can be very tricky to try and find one’s footing when it comes to making a decision on a place to live, especially if they are a first time home buyer.  So many elements need to be taken into consideration besides the basics of price, location, and amenities, not to mention keeping a rebuilding economy in mind.

Luckily, Santa Barbara offers a wide variety of expert, experienced real estate agents, many of whom have spent their entire lives in the area and are also strongly family-oriented.  These agents are excited to share their wealth of knowledge with homeowners-to-be, and give you the time you need to reach this huge decision.

Barbara Reaume - Santa Barbara Realtor

Santa Barbara Realtor Barbara Reaume

What customers might first notice about Barbara Reaume is her website.  With lush photos of Santa Barbara homes for sale, its layout is impressively sweeping while still being user-friendy.  It includes a blog, a page for testimonials, and a real estate quiz in order to keep in better “e-touch” with her clients. 

Once her website has caught your eye, her credentials knock you over.  Ms. Reaume has 28 years experience, which started after being inspired by the purchase of her first home to become a Realtoro and begin working with Pasadena’s Coldwell Banker.  Ms. Reaume is intensely focused on counseling her clients.  Understanding the magnitude of this life decision, she is willing to work closely with her customers, no matter how much time it takes.  As a result, many clients compliment her on never hurrying them into making a rushed choice.

Though her approach is delicate, she is also a sharp realtor with a shrewd, focused mind for business and the best options for her clients.  She is also experienced in working with construction companies for the renovation and building of new houses.  Now a beloved grandmother, Ms. Reaume continues to withhold the importance of family values, even after 28 years in the industry.

Julie Barnes - Santa Barbara Realtor

Santa Barbara Realtor Julie BarnesHaving grown up in Santa Barbara, Julie Barnes brings the knowledge of a true native, an asset that many of her competitors envy.  She has an intimate familiarity with the city's different neighborhoods, and is also widely informed on the city’s cultural arts opportunities.

Even out of Santa Barbara, Ms. Barnes would be a valuable agent to have.  She graduated UCSB with an advanced degree in Communication Studies and went on to acquire her real estate license in 1989.  She has since succeeded in well-known negotiation courses, and before that, Ms. Barnes built up a strong background working in sales and advertising for companies as diverse as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut.

Ms. Barnes is also savvy with online technology, relying on the internet to market some of her properties and match clients to the homes of their dreams.  She has a very successful track record of selling properties, including several multi-million dollar homes on the Riviera. 

Gail Cooley - Santa Barbara Realtor

Gail Cooley - Santa Barbara RealtorUnlike many of her peers, Gail Cooley’s real estate profile is written in first-person, which immediately strikes the reader and sparks an instant connection.  She specializes in business relocation services, and her services have been used by corporations during the recruiting process and beyond.  Ms. Cooley places a special emphasis on neighborhood and family values in particular, and she engages in community outreach by working to promote the library and athletics in Santa Barbara public schools.

Another unique element of Ms. Cooley’s website is that it includes several word-for-word testimonials from many of her enthusiastic clients.  Their praises sing of Ms. Cooley’s "intelligence and infectious warmth" and also mention her "perfect combination of smart representation and service."  One very happy client even proclaimed "You are the greatest real estate agent ever!"  Can you ask for a better credential?

Daniel Warnars - Santa Barbara Realtor

Santa Barbara Realtor Daniel WarnarsAnother native of Santa Barbara, Daniel Warnars possesses a lifetime of real estate experience, and comes with the added skill of being fluently bilingual in English and Spanish.  Growing up and attending the local school in Santa Barbara has allowed Mr. Warnars to have an insider’s perspective on the city, but he also goes the extra mile to ensure that he is well versed on every single piece of available information on real estate.  He prides himself on his ability to work and has expanded his knowledge to a level well above that of other agents.

Mr. Warnars also places a strong emphasis on client service.  His passion about bringing the highest quality of service and information to his clients is a trait that continues to garner him accolades in the real estate industry.  For Mr. Warnars, service and education are the most important aspects of an effective agent.  He has received ABR and SRES certifications, among others, and is constantly trying to better his understanding of the industry, by taking every available real estate class.  His preferences include Law, Management, Brokerage, Finance, Principles and Practice, among many other fields.

On top of his passion and his hunger for education, Mr. Warnars has frequently proven the value of his work by ranking in the top percentages of his industry.  In 2010 he was among the top 3 percent of all Santa Barbara agents, and in 2009 he was in the top 1.5 percent.  Daniel Warnars is clearly a strong asset to the real estate community, and will continue to act as a strong asset to the community for years to come. 

Settling down in your first home can be daunting enough, but finding that perfect house can seem impossible in this economy, much less in a place like Santa Barbara.  Thankfully, the city is stocked with a wealth of competent, friendly agents that will bend over backwards to try and meet your needs.  Whether you need someone who speaks Spanish, someone who has lived in the area, or someone who will be patient enough to give you the time you need to decide, you will find all that and more with these agents.

Need help with your broken down appliances? Do you have an issue that needs to be addressed today?  Yost Appliance is the oldest household appliance repair company in the Santa Barbara area.  They offer same day Santa Barbara appliance repair, and their service calls are completely free with each repair.  With a staff of experts trained to find lasting solutions instead of quick fix “band-aids”, Yost Appliance repairs almost any make and model of appliance available.  Call today for a no cost, no obligation quote.

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Brad Murphy

This is perfect! I've been asking friends to refer me to a good realtor at Santa Barbara, but they don't seem to know any. Thank you for sharing this article, it's really been helpful.

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Tony Lee

friendly agents is one of the best things you could look for! I am really excited to hear that they have friendly agents! because when you get those agents that are mean things become problems!

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This post is very informative and helpful. I think the short biographies of each realtor here are very comprehensive. The credentials of all the realtors here are impressive. Thanks also for providing links to their official websites.

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Thank you for the informative article about the high quality realtors in Santa Barbara. People who have a desire to move there will have an easier time finding one especially since their bios have been listed.

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This article provides a great deal of information about the the popular realtors in Santa Barbara. If people are looking to purchase or sell their homes in the area, they can always go back to this when they need to start searching for agents.

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I am impressed with how detailed this article is about the best realtors in Santa Barbara. Anyone looking to buy and sell in the area would benefit greatly from this article.

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Laura E.

Finding the right one is always hard to do. I am thankful that you're recommending top realtors in Santa Barbara.

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Santa Barbara's real estate industry is booming. Therefore, finding the best realtor is essential. Thanks for your recommendations Burt!

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Honestly, these Santa Barbara Realtors made to this reputable list not just because of their quality services but to their genuine commitment in promoting the welfare of the public. Thanks to Yost Appliance for featuring these credible realtors!

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John B

These four realtors are well known because of the service they gave to they clients. Read them on many reviews. And its great, I also read it here. Thanks!

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Thank you for sharing this practical and useful information! Through this reliable list, I can now easily avail the services of the best Santa Barbara realtors with ease and efficiency.

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