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Yost Appliance Reviews Top 4 Santa Barbara Animal Hospitals

By Burt Yost Appliance Repairman on Jun 17, 2012 at 04:58 AM in Santa Barbara Appliance Repair

Yost Appliance Reviews Top 4 Santa Barbara Animal Hospitals

Anyone who has ever owned a pet will tell you they’re more than just animals; they’re valued members of the family. Yost Appliance, a Santa Barbara appliance repair company specializing in oven repair, dishwasher repair, garbage disposal repair and refrigerator repair as well as other household appliance repairs, reviews four animal hospitals that provide the highest level of care with compassion, professionalism and commitment to pet health and longevity.

Yost Appliance provides same-day service to Santa Barbara and surrounding regions and is able to service almost every make and model of appliance, including Maytag, Frigidaire, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Kenmore, General Electric and Magic Chef. Service calls are free with repair every time. Yost Appliance is staffed with technicians who provide guaranteed satisfaction.

 When our technicians go to a home to service an appliance, often the first family member they meet is a pet. At Yost Appliance, we recognize the importance of these four-legged family members to our customers, so we’ve provided a review of four animal hospitals we feel go above and beyond in keeping pets happy and healthy.

LaCumbre Animal Hospital – A full-service facility emphasizing preventative care

LaCumbre Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing the highest level of care for its patients and clients by focusing on the individual as a whole and encouraging preventative care.

Located at 110 La Cumbre Road in Santa Barbara, La Cumbre Animal Hospital educates their human clients on how to examine their pets at home so they can catch problems before they become serious, thus saving time and money and perhaps extending the pet’s life. It offers a full range of laboratory services, including blood and urine analysis and cytology; imaging, including digital radiology for body and teeth, and ultrasound for soft tissue; internal medicine and diagnostics, soft tissue and oral surgeries, and dental services.

The facility’s website offers a full range of information on pet health issues through

The veterinarians and staff at La Cumbre Animal Hospital provides these services with compassion, professionalism and integrity, and is committed to enhancing their community and environment.

White’s Pet Hospital – Healthy, happy pets over a full life

White’s Pet Hospital is a full-service small animal veterinary hospital offering a complete range of medical, surgical and dental care as well as a boarding kennel.

Within its facility at 532 East Haley Street in Santa Barbara, White’s Pet Hospital offers diagnostic and therapeutic services, surgery at its state-of-the-art surgical suite, the safest available anesthetics, ultrasound and radiological services, electrocardiography, dental care, laboratory services, a pharmacy, dietary and behavioral counseling, flea control, microchip implants, bathing and grooming, and emergency care. All boarders at its kennel receive personal attention and can be dropped off and picked up during normal business hours seven days a week.

The hospital’s website offers a library of pet medical information from the Veterinary Information Network, as well links to other relevant websites.

The veterinarians and staff of White’s Pet Hospital endeavor to offer sound advice and optimal veterinary care so clients can enjoy healthy and happy pets over their maximum lifespan.

Santa Barbara Humane Society - Serving Santa Monica County for 125 years and counting

Established in 1887, the Santa Barbara Humane Society provides a range of pet-care services to the people and animal populations of Santa Barbara County.

Located on a five-acre site just off Hwy. 101 at 5399 Overpass Road in Santa Barbara, the Santa Barbara Humane Society serves the community with an animal shelter, animal adoption services, a spay and neuter clinic, a humane education center, boarding kennels, large animal holding center and corral, and inspection and rescue services. It also offers a lost-and-found hotline, a pet relinquishment service and various educational programs.

Additionally, its website offers helpful information on vaccinations and other pet health issues, pet behavior, pet loss and grief counseling, and living with wildlife, as well as links to other websites that offer similar information.

The staff and volunteers at the Santa Barbara Humane Society are knowledgeable, compassionate, professional and committed to providing the highest level of hands-on care to animals.

San Roque Pet Hospital & Pet Hotel - One-stop shopping for all your pet-care needs

The San Roque Pet Hospital & Pet Hotel is dedicated to providing compassionate, high quality veterinary care in a friendly, relaxed setting.

Situated at 3034 State Street, the San Roque Pet Hospital & Pet Hotel offers a full range of services to the pets and clients of Santa Barbara and surrounding communities. At the animal hospital, they include diagnostic and therapeutic services, a surgical suite, safe anesthesia, ultrasound, radiology and electrocardiograghy services, an in-house laboratory, preventive-care programs, a pharmacy and dental care. Additionally, its Hydropaws rehabilitation and performance center provides care for postsurgical, geriatric and agility animals and animals with neurological disorders, including an underwater treadmill, electromuscular stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, cold laser therapy, heat and ice therapy, measurements with goniometry, gait analysis, range-of-motion exercise and owner-guided exercise plans.

The Pet Hotel offers comfortable bedding, water and Science Diet food, care and attention among its basic services, and walks at an additional charge. If necessary, it will also administer medications and feed whatever the owner provides if the pet is on a special diet.

Its website contains extensive resources on pet-health issues, a video library and links to related websites.

San Roque Pet Hospital and Pet Hotel will treat your four-legged friend as the family member he or she truly is while providing the highest level of veterinary care.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

At Yost Appliance, we understand the value of exceptional customer service. All four of the animal hospitals we’ve reviewed offer excellent service, with each facility bringing unique focus, options and featured services that ultimately benefit our mutual customers. Our goal is to strengthen our customers’ brands in the Santa Barbara market. We hope you find this information helpful, as better understanding of each business helps the whole collaboration! Please feel free to send feedback to [email protected].

About Yost Appliance (  Yost Appliance, Inc. has been a premier source of repair services for household appliances in the Santa Barbara area since 1969.  They provide same-day service to residents of Goleta, Carpintera and neighboring regions of Santa Barbara on almost every brand and model of appliance in the industry.  Yost Appliance is staffed with technicians who provide guaranteed satisfaction.  For more info on this leading Santa Barbara appliance repair service, visit or call 805-966-2946.


Jul 29, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply
elena F.

On our first visit, the staff of White's Pet Hospital was very assiduous and attentive to my puppy's needs. My puppy's vet, was very soft spoken but yet was filled with tons and tons of information that was enlightening. She was gentle and friendly with my pup and made him feel comfortable throughout his entire stay.

Jul 30, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply
Derek Gardner

This is a helpful post, thanks for sharing. I am a new dog owner, and I must admit I am still clueless about training and caring for pets. At least, I know now where to take my dog if ever untoward incidents happen.

Jul 31, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply
Tony Lee

Thought that this website was extremely helpful! and provided many good resources on pet-health issues, a video library and links to related websites, wouldn`t go anywhere else!

Aug 04, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply

I am interested in this idea of having a pet hotel. I have a Labrador retriver and love him very much. But I never thought so far as it can lead to this type of hotel. I leave it to the neighbors, but they did not care for him.

Aug 05, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply

I agree with what Jimmy said regarding the Pet Hotel. As a dog lover I am very interested in accessible pet facilities, especially on health-related ones. Thanks for this wonderful article, and thank you for the links to the official websites of each animal hospital.

Aug 14, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply

I am a dog lover as well and always am interested in hearing about the best pet hospitals around. There seem to not be many in the area so this article really does help give you a great idea of which ones to contact if needed. Thanks.

Jan 23, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply

I am emotionally invested in my pets and finding a Veterinarian hospital is a major decision. I am very grateful to have found La Cumbre Animal Hospital everyone there is very compassionate and caring.

Jan 29, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply

I love traveling with my dog. This information will definitely be useful when we visit Santa Barbara and its neighboring areas.

Apr 03, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply

Just like human beings, animals also need to experience the highest quality of care and services it can get. And this can be best provided by reputable Animal hospitals in Santa Barbara. Thank you for this great resource; pet owners can now have numerous options to choose from.

Jul 29, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply
John B.

Thanks to this article! Currently, my dog is in pain. I gotta visit one of the animal hospitals mentioned above as soon as possible! thanks to this so much

Aug 11, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply

For animal lovers, the welfare of their pets is equally vital to their own wellbeing. Hence, I am truly thankful that Santa Barbara Yost Appliance Inc. provided the public with this reliable resource on animal hospitals. Thank you for this remarkable deed of ensuring the delivery of holistic services to people.

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